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Dispensaries or Sessions? Which one do you prefer to buy your Cannabis from?

An Eaze Insights consumer survey found that a majority of consumers, 84%, are delighted with the legal market, but still, 1 in 5 consumers purchase their cannabis from an unlicensed source. Of those who bought from unauthorized sources, 85% are satisfied with their product and likely to buy from the source again. I have been […]

What Can Bong Water be Used For?

In an age where xeriscaping is an emerging trend and terms like “Severe drought conditions” or “Every drop counts” circulate like wildfire, Californians are no strangers to times of water scarcity. Some of us take water frugality to be of the utmost importance; we take shorter showers, stop watering our lawns, fix leaky faucets, hand […]

Meet me at Moe’s: San Fransico Cannabis Lounges

Moe’s offers a clean, safe, luxurious space for cannabis consumption. Rather than meeting up with your friends at a local bar for a drink, try stopping by Moe Green’s and meeting them to share a joint. Although cannabis is now recreationally legal, sparking up a joint in public spaces is still against the law. Cannabis […]

The Environmental Issue With Cannabis Packaging; What Can We Do To Help?

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer and you purchase your goods from a dispensary, you probably are quite familiar with the excessive amount of packaging often involved. Most likely you know the feeling of having to peel back the seemingly endless, unnecessary layers of plastic and cardboard waste before you can finally get to the […]

3 ways to use this Cannabis Superfood

Seaweed is a highly nutritious and natural fertilizer for the cannabis plant. It is packed with beneficial nutrients and vital minerals that ensure maximum health, vitality, growth, and high yields. Seaweed extracts are especially beneficial for your cannabis plants as they protect them from defects that can ruin their health, thereby providing you with bigger, […]