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Instagram accounts about cannabis that will surprise you

The magic happeness on Instagram these days, and cannabis has found its place on many accounts. The two make a fine couple. Cannabis culture on Insta ranges from cultivation tips to beautiful photography. Where to start on the ever-growing social network? Here are some diverse places to look at first. DABBING GRANNY There are more […]

Top x (Most Fun) Stoner Games of 2021

Many unanticipated activities have characterized the year 2020. It is the year when the Covid-19 exploded across most parts of the globe and made it a pipedream for stoners to take the pot in crowds. Secondly, social distancing, isolation, and lockdowns have made it quite impossible for anyone to keep on visiting friends, extended family, and […]

How to grow Jack Herer

Named after cannabis crusader Jack Herer, aka the Hemperor, they have both enjoyed legendary significance and ‘pot’ loads of fame. A strain with a plush genetic background If you’re looking for a strain with pleasing flavors and pleasurable effects, Jack Herer is hugely popular among bud enthusiasts and seasoned growers. Thanks to its clear, motivating, […]

How to use compost tea for cannabis

Compost teas have become an effective way to feed cannabis plants without having to buy or use fertilizers. The teas are made with good compost, and they contain nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that boost plant growth and protect the plants against diseases. Organic tea is rich in nutrients and microorganisms, including nematodes, protozoa, certain bacteria, […]