Theraplant Tomandi = Lemon Alien Dawg (THC 23.73%)

Theraplant Tomandi = Lemon Alien Dawg (THC 23.73%)

CANNABINOID: THC-A: 23.45% THC: 0.28% CBD-A: 0.09% CBD: 0.01% CBG-A: 0.05% CBG: 0.16% CBN: 0.02% CBC: 0.08%

TERPENOID ANALYSIS: a-Pinene: 0.11% b-Pinene: 0.17% b-Myrcene: 0.65% Limonene: 0.33% Ocimene: 0.02% Linalool: 0.08% b-Caryophyllene: 0.40% Humulene: 0.13%

Microbiology, Micotoxins, Heavy-metals, Pesticides = ALL PASS

My test on Theraplant’s Tomandi Indica Flower that comes in at a 23.73% THC rating is a mellow smoke. Meaning that it does not make one cough a lot so people who have breathing or respiratory issues might be okay with this, as long as small tokes are taken. it does not give me couch lock, so if you are someone who tends to stay away from Indica’s during the day time, might want to give it a go as the flavor and body/heady are niice after a lil while.


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