How and why to dose FULL SPECTRUM CBD HEMP!

I have A BRAND NEW tasty blend of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp made up just for you.

It’s got my name on the bottle!

It’s sweet and earthy, crazy potent and I’m showing it off in the above quick video from the side porch at the new house in Aiken!

(Ignore my filthy fingernails, I’m doing a lot of gardening and cooking!)

This CBD is NOT psychoactive (it’s not going to get you high) but it will:

– Ease Anxiety

– Improve Sleep

– Decrease Pain & Inflammation

…watch the video to see how I dose!

I take Venmo for payment, and I ship for free! Message me here in the comments, on social, or at at ryanna (at) to order.

The cost is $80 even – a total steal if you’re used to paying more like $100 for a 1 ounce bottle of Full Spectrum CBD.

Thank goddess for this plant!

I use a bottle for the whole family if we are all in some sort of confusion argument, need to wind down for sleep, if someone is coming down with something, or anyone is experiencing any pain or discomfort.

It’s a potent medicine… I know because it helps my kids find calm!

For littles: mix 4-6 drops in a spoonful of honey and send it down the hatch.

I’m feeling the healing over here in Aiken and leaning into plant medicine to carry me through the patches when it feels so heavy and hard to be human.

The medicine makers at Queue Cannabis in VA pack a blue bottle punch with this magical blend that also helps me get grounded and centered before meditation. Or when my four year old is yelling something incoherent at me.

When you buy a bottle I give you personalized recommendations on dosing for you and your family. So let’s chat! Hit reply if you have questions.

More soon from Aiken…our new home had some “settling” to do, but the kids are having summertime fun in the pool and I love sitting on this porch when a thunderstorm rolls through, it’s heavenly!

I’m just chilling among the pines and working on healing and feeling.

This fall is going to be so powerful! Plant medicine + breathwork = transformation.

Xo, Ry

ps: Delta-8 (legal cannabis) Psychoactive tincture coming soon!


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