My Hero Academia Chapter 195 Manga REVIEW | Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 195 Manga Breakdown | Weekly My Hero Academia season 3 reviews, & Anime News & More! 😄
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shinso returns for class a vs class b battles!
Ochako and Deku team up again! Does Ochako love Deku (crush?)

Endeavor scared by the Ultimate Nomu High End.
Endeavor and number two hero Hawks combine into Phoenix Endeavor with wings!

All Might has officially been removed as the symbol of Peace and Endeavor officially takes the spot of the number one hero.
Endeavor’s abusing family and wife past come up this chapter.
Can Endeavor be redeemed and made amends for how he hurt the Todoroki family?

Moreso Dabi being Shoto’s brother and Endeavor’s son come up again.

The battle between Hawks and Endeavor against this Special Black Nomu continues. Is All for One trying to break out of jail using this Nomu or is something else controlling this black Nomu?
Can Endeavor beat this Nomu stronger than All Might?

My Hero Academia Season 3 Trailer!!
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Bakugo captured by league of villains and Shigaraki! Will Deku, Shoto and friends be able to rescue Bakugo? Or will All Might and the other pro heroes get there 1st?

MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 3 was released for Spring Anime Season!

Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 will feature the School Trip Arc and 2 more Arcs!
This will show Deku and the other student hero trying to improve their quirks

Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 trailer shows the new opening down by UverWorld. They’ve down the opening for Bleach and Blue Exorcist in the past.


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