Log.Des: Dynamic Supply Chain Simulation

Simulation is the perfect commercial tool to represent the real life behavior of a supply chain.
Log.Des is capable of handling the complexity of a dry bulk logistic system, assessing the effect of the proposed processes in a risk-free environment; it allows foreseeing the dynamic development of events to identify the optimal solution for the case study.
Every chain ring – mine production, in-land transportation, stockpile, shore terminal, river and/or sea ways, end user facilities, etc. – has to operate in an integrated manner to ensure overall efficiency in the supply chain. The bottlenecks of each ring (production/requirements, storage capacity, external traffic, weather conditions, tide variation, dredging requirement, random arrival of vessels, shipping market fluctuation, port and river constraints, breakdowns, etc.) are duly investigated and their interactions analysed by Logmarin’s model.
Log.Des aims at representing real world processes in a dynamic animated computer model and then experiments alternative ‘what-if?’ scenarios to identify the optimal solution by way of a cost-benefit analysis and an evaluation of the advantages the Client will accrue from the envisaged solution(s) implementation.


videographics and editing by “RMviz Genova ©2003
music by “Lorenzo Tempesti – http://www.suonimusicaidee.it ©2003″


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