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CBD or cannabis oil for dogs – is CBD good for your dog? I share the benefits (reduced stress, anxiety relief, calmness) of CBD that’s formulated for dogs and different CBD products to consider. I think CBD for dogs is excellent and can’t wait to share.

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Frankie is an Aussiedoodle – An Australian shepherd poodle mix. She is now 8 months and growing smarter every day.

Pros and Cons of Owning an Aussiedoodle:

Aussiedoodle Day in the life – Our daily routine

Our Doggie Favorites:

Electric Fence https://bit.ly/2DRSvJu
Harness https://bit.ly/3gYtCtR
Dog Food https://bit.ly/39ipylb
Yeti dog bowl https://bit.ly/3bcDFJJ
Pet crate https://bit.ly/32G9wyR
Waterless shampoo https://bit.ly/3b5CADE
carpet cleaner https://bit.ly/2ZQZlau
Dog brush https://bit.ly/3juxtjp
Tear stain remover https://bit.ly/3gH1x9E
Rose gold leash https://bit.ly/2QACytZ
Paw balm https://bit.ly/3b91iTu
Doggie doorbell https://bit.ly/39m4vhB

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