Introducing TWINE CBD for Pet CBD Oils and Treats 99% Pure Organic CBD Isolate THC Free

Pets give so much to our lives and ask so little in return. Why not give your dog or cat the best life has to offer?

Like people, pets suffer from limited mobility after exertion, situational anxiety among other life disruptors. The good news is plant-based CBD shows promise helping address the cause of many of these ailments in people and pets.

Available in easy to administer CBD bacon-flavored Pet Oil and crunchy CBD Pet Bites, TWINE makes an easy addition to your dog’s mealtime or as a tasty treat all while helping keep his furry body in balance.

Formulated under the strictest of standards just as our people products, TWINE CBD for Pets offers a safe, all-natural option for helping your pet live their happiest, healthiest lives.


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