How to apply your CBD Balm

Volume 5: How to apply your CBD Balm ?

5th video in our 30 second tutorials on the basics of CBD. We look at some of the uses of CBD Balm and explain why people are using it.

CBD is growing in popularity by the day since the 2018 farm bill clarified Hemp’s position as a crop and not a controlled substance in the USA. The bill allowed for scale production of the crop and the extraction of the cannabinoids such as CBD which are abundant in the hemp plant

It’s perhaps best known for its use in reducing anxiety and chronic pain among users and although studies are limited, anecdotally it has been successfully used to help with pain, insomnia, and depression in oil form and helping with skin conditions in balm form.

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NOTE: We’re not doctors, None of this is medical advice. We can guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products with third party lab results and we really want you to feel great but any supplements you take should be considered in relation to the rest of your diet and lifestyle.
If you’re on medication for anything – make sure you discuss with your doctor before embarking on any new treatments. Do your own research and follow sources you can trust

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