Video 14 CBD Oil: CBD For Muscle Recovery

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CBD or Cannabidiol is having a moment. You may not recognize its scientific name, but you definitely would have heard the nickname CBD. CBD can be found everywhere in the form of a variety of products. You can find it in gummies, tinctures cocktails, capsules and even cookies. The way its market is expanding it may hit 2 million dollars by 2020.
The supporters of CBD believe that it has a lot of health benefits that are also backed by research studies. CBD can be very helpful in managing pain, inflammation, nausea, insomnia and epilepsy. In this regard, CBD can be very helpful in managing post-workout recovery. Before we discuss how CBD can be beneficial, let’s see why muscles become sore after a workout.
No matter how fit you are at some point, you would feel soreness after a workout. According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, the soreness of muscles results due to microscopic damage of muscle fibres during a workout. Are damaged muscles become inflamed? Inflammation triggers the body to repair and respond and result in the stiffness and soreness of muscles.
How Can CBD Help?
CBD can help by lowering the amount of pain and inflammation in the sore muscles. Various studies also support these claims. Review in 2018 concluded that CBD could help reduce pain and related inflammation due to multiple sclerosis. This is because of its potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. The studies so far are very promising, but we still need more evidence to use CBD as a medicine.
The best way to use CBD for sore muscles is by gently applying CBD oil or balm on the affected area. Even after the massage, you would feel instant relief from not only call inflammation but also the related pain.
CBD is generally very safe to use as it does not produce any harmful side effects. You would also not get high after using CBD so you can give it a try and check out how it works for you.

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