New Cannabidiol drug made available to sufferers of Dravet Syndrome

Liberal MP Dr Katie Allen says she is “delighted” the federal government has listed a new Cannabidiol drug to be made available for infant children exposed to the “life threatening” seizures associated with Dravet Syndrome.

“We are so delighted that the Federal Government has released for the first time ever on listing the ability for these drugs to be made available for children these life-threatening conditions, these ongoing epileptic seizures, and by reducing these seizures, it means these children will have the opportunity to develop more normally.”

“And this drug, which can cost $24,000 a year, will be brought right down to the cost of a script – and that means the world for a family.”

“So I am delighted for us as a country to better position to be able to pay for this, to be able to give this opportunity for children affected by Dravet Syndrome to have a more normal life.”


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