New Study Relating CBD and Pain Management

This isn’t a live episode, but we wanted to share this information all the same!

Ananda Professional, the professional grade CBD product we carry on and at HB Pharmacy, recently released a study titled “Evaluation of the effects of CBD hemp extract on opioid use and quality of life indicators in chronic pain patients: a prospective cohort study”

Here is a link to the peer-reviewed opioid reduction study conducted with Ananda Professional:

More information from Ananda Professional here:

As always, it’s important to consult your physician before making changes to your medication regimen. Your pharmacist can also coordinate with you and your physician.

Though high-quality CBD is not a “miracle product”, our anecdotal experience with our patients through Gaspar’s Best and at HB Pharmacy coincides with the findings in this study. Like with all over the counter products, it’s important to discuss with a qualified practitioner to determine 1) if the product is right for you and 2) your proper dosing. We help patients with these things daily at Gaspar’s Best and HB Pharmacy, and can even speak with your physician as well to make sure your entire healthcare team is on the same page.

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