FB Live Event: Cannabis Edibles Q&A

Cannabis edibles became legal on October 17, 2019. Join us as we hear from the Coordinator of the Thunder Bay Drug Strategy and a TBDHU Dietitian answer questions from community members. Don’t want to watch the entire episode? Click on time stamps below for specific question and answers:

1. What are cannabis edibles? 3:29
2. Why did they decide to legalize cannabis in the first place? 4:12
3. For small business owners in the food industry, how do you see cannabis edibles feeding into our futures? 5:00
4. In those markets where cannabis has been legal for several years already, how has it been incorporated into the food industry? 6:23
5. What will edibles look like? 7:10
6. What are food interactions with cannabis that can increase risk? 8:21
7. Explain what “cannabinoids” are. 9:20
8. What are THC and CBD? 9:36
9. Address food interactions with cannabis that can increase risk. 10:58
10. Do the different strains of cannabis (indica and sativa) affect you differently? 12:03
11. Can you speak to the packaging and what it will look like once edibles are on the shelf? 13:35
12. Why does the impact of THC vary so greatly from individual to individual? 15:40
13. Have any people on the panel ever used cannabis before? 17:40
14. Does body weight/size make a difference to effects of THC? 18:03
15. What does it look like (physiologically) when you consume too much cannabis? 18:40
16. Is there anything in the literature about serving sizes (similar to low-risk drinking guidelines)? 19:35
17. How would one determine the appropriate dose? E.g. to take something in evening to get a better sleep but to not feel groggy in the morning and have a productive day? Does it depend on weight, metabolism, what you ate prior? 20:45
18. How do we protect our kids from accessing edibles? 21:55
19. Is baking/candy (unhealthy foods) the only way you can make edibles or is there a healthier way to make them? 23:18
20. If a child accidentally ate a 1/2 oz of raw cannabis that they pulled off a plant, how sick would they get? 24:55
21. Are edibles a healthier option to smoking cannabis? 26:00
22. Are there any specific precautions for seniors? Are there advantages for seniors to be consuming edibles? 27:42
23. Where do we get cannabis in Thunder Bay? 29:50
24. Follow-up comment to add to Q. 22 about seniors and cannabis use. 33:01
25. What if you purchase cannabis from other provinces? 36:51
26. Are there legal implications within Canada if children consume cannabis? 39:55
27. What are some best practices/safety measures that you would recommend for those who have chosen to consume edibles? 42:00


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