Plantation Shutters | Options Considerations for Custom Interior Shutters

See’s HUGE selection of plantation shutters:

Before you order custom plantation shutters, you need to consider these 4 options based on the look you want and your window style.

4 custom options available for plantation shutters:
1. Framing and divider rails – What style do you want? Shutters that open as 1 panel or can be opened from the top and bottom separately?
2. Mounting options – Does your window have existing molding? If so use an inside (or “L”) mount. If you don’t have molding, you can order a shutter that gives your windows the appearance of molding.
3. Louver sizes – Shutters are available in a wide range of louver sizes. Larger louvers give a clearer view out while smaller louvers are more appropriate for small windows.
4. Tilting options – Do you want your blinds to have a tilt bar on the front or a more modern hidden tilt look?

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