Patients Out of Time – Mary Lynn Mathre

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It took a global pandemic for the government to accept that cannabis is an essential medicine. Today, more than 30 states have passed some form of medical marijuana legislation and since 1995, Patients Out of Time has fought to re-institute cannabis as a legitimate medicine. Tune in for a discussion with OG cannabis activist, Mary Lynn Mathre, from Patients Out of Time.

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3:20 – Cannabis is an Exit Drug NOT a Gateway Drug
6:00 Cannabis Research and Marijuana Studies
7:00 – Runners High is Endocannabinoid
7:50 – Cannabis is a PLANT
10:00 – Cannabis Testing
15:00 – Cannabis Raids Before Cole Memo
22:30 – Cannabis for the Environment
24:00 – Cannabis Conference first Accredited
25:45 – First Federal Medical Cannabis Patients
25:55 – Prop 215
31:25 – CBD Movement
34:50 – Project CBD
35:25 – CBG
36:30 – When was the endocannabinoid system found?
38:35 – Is the endocannabinoid system taught?
Denver OK’s cannabis research license (mjbizdaily)
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