Hemp Oil 101

We get a lot of questions from people inquiring about “Hemp Oil.” Often times the term Hemp Oil is used to describe Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil interchangeably. This leads to a lot of confusion about what Hemp Oil really is.

We prefer to use the term “CBD Extract” when referring to the CBD-rich resinous substance that is separated from the leaves and buds of the hemp plants. What we refer to as CBD Extract is actually made up of a vast number of cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and even trace amounts of THC. The truth is, there are over 100 various cannabinoids, essential oils, and flavonoids that make up our #KentuckyProud CBD Extract, giving it the designation of a “Full Spectrum” extract.

On the other hand, Hemp Seed Oil is a vegetable oil squeezed from the seeds of the plant. Much like soybean oil, coconut oil, or flaxseed oil, this oil is removed from the seeds by crushing them under extreme pressure and squeezing the oil out. This Omega-rich, deep green oil is a great substitute for Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, or any other source of Omega Fatty Acids. As a vegetable protein, it’s perfect for vegans, and is gluten-free, herbicide and pesticide free, and is grown right here in the heart of Western Kentucky.

For more information abut Kentucky Hemp, check out kentuckyhempworks.com and view our FAQ page for some important details about our #KyProudHemp. Follow us on Facebook for more pictures, videos, and to share your feedback with us.

Do you have any questions about the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Extract? Let us know in the comments!


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