Medically Minded is pleased to present the latest defense against bacteria and viruses with our custom formulated CBD Hand Sanitizer, containing 150mg of ultra pure CBD and 150mg of super rare cannabinoid, CBG.

As we touch our faces and make contact with the skin of others, we give infections a chance to enter into our bodies, creating discomfort and illness within ourselves and those we love.

Medically Minded Hand Sanitizer was created specifically for healthcare industry workers, paramedics and first responders, as well as those of us who are constantly “on the go” with limited access to the ability to wash our hands.

It is now more important than ever, with the emergence of newer viruses, to protect ourselves against the potentially life threatening that lurk on the surfaces we come in contact with, by sanitizing our hands on a regular basis.

The Medically Minded Hand Sanitizer is not only a convenient way to stay healthy, but a stronger tool for effectively removing unwanted microbes, with the addition of pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBG.

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