BLACK TIE CBD Lemon Cream Diesel (CBG) & CBD ASTEROIDS (Moon Rocks) REVIEW

The shipment was really quick and easy. no issues there 🙂

The Lemon Cream Diesel (CBG) it hit really smooth and was danky like normal THC buds.
It was perfect for the morning and day time. I Felt Really Chill and it I was relaxed and Focused at the same time.

The CBD ASTEROIDS (Moon Rocks)

They had a good smell to them and when i was breaking it up and putting it in the grinder, the texture was really sticky 🙂 and again it smelled really good.

The feeling i got from it was just like any normal CBD I have came across. for me and my experience its been really calming and relaxing feeling with out being high out of my mind. was perfect for the drive home from a long day and well it’s perfect for anytime of day.

Hope this helps and lmk if you liked the video 🙂 cheers 10/10


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