How to make THCA FECO

Full Extract Cannabis Oil has loads of benefits. You do not need a private lab to make it! However, we do recommend investing in some equipment if you’re serious about making your own medicine at home. In this episode we will demonstrate how to make THCA FECO, how to properly dose it, and so much more! Eat your wellness.

-Gwen & Will


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We just made some delicious infused THCA honey. Head over to Saucier Willy to calculate your edibles dosing.
Find out about the multiple ways to do a Quick Wash Ethanol extraction at the Extract Crafter Blog.
The Source Turbo extraction equipment used in this video can be found at Extract Craft.
Here are some filtration tools to purchase if the filtration bundle is out of stock.

Buchner Funnel

Buchner Funnel Flask Adapter Set

Glass 1L Flask

Qualitative Filter papers (Fast, Medium, Slow)

Pneumatic Vacuum Tubing

Heat Gun to secure the vacuum tubing

Hose adapter for Source Turbo to Buchner set

For better cooling with the Source Turbo use multiple ice pans with a gallon freezer bag of ice cubes sitting in it or fill the pans with water and freeze to rotate out on days where you use the machine for more than one run a day. 6×2 Aluminum Cake Pans

You can mix by hand or with a heated magnetic stirrer. Here are 3 different models to choose from. Get what works for you.,,
Do not forget your Glass Beakers

And your Magnetic Stir Bars
High Quality Hemp CBD and CBG flower
Use these Desiccant Packets to make sure your flower is dry enough for processing.

Raw Honey


Liquid sunflower lecithin

Store your MCT Oil and Liquid Sunflower Lecithin in these leak-proof Squeeze bottles


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