Zen here in Part 2 of My open discussions and opinions on High CBD Hemp Flower vs THC Bud. What’s more beneficial to you, and why? I like my Indicas that try and knock me out. =P So naturally for me, these CBD Strains are going to feel weaksauce in one way or another. Inevitably, that’s what I think from the jump, right? Well, it’s my first time trying it. So I’ll let you know. It’s top quality grown, it looks beautiful and full of crystals, and smells awesome to me. But the smoke naturally, doesn’t exactly match up to what I imagine it to be. It smells better than it tastes. And that might be simply for the fact that it’s hemp flower and it’s my first time for that, coming from smoking wild and exotic strains that’ll knock you and me on our asses. To me the taste almost was like a commercially leafy dro but the sour diesely taste is there for sure. The flower isn’t really leafy at all, and the farmers trimmed them up nice, to be honest. Looks exactly like some normal high grade named strain of bud with frosty, sticky crystals that you would imagine yourself getting fucked up from, and Im impressed on that matter surprisingly! Its full of crystals, straight up! My fingers were left sticky.I had trouble rolling the jilla even after I washed my hands. They get thumbs up for that and how it looks, smells, and how great the quality of the grow shines through! I am pretty impressed, honestly. And at the same time I want more out of it. I have sleep issues of dreaming all the time, waking up from my dreams, troubles falling asleep a lot, mind racing and constantly thinking and not wanting to turn off at the end of a day, and I also have PTSD related issues that come from having close and loved ones in my life passing away. I like the feel of sedative THC highs that wash over me, and make me slow down my clock, because I’m in what seems to be turbo mode during my work days often. The CBD Hemp Flower is lacking, for my needs. And That’s THC. I like indica dominant sativa strains that get me baked. This is surely a daytime, mild-type of CBD-related high giving, quality CBD coated goodness, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a night owl who needs his sleep. I like to get baked until I’m beat and knocked out. This’ll make you think, be more productive, concentrate, and tune in to something of interest more. So in a sense it’ll keep you up. At the same time, it surely is very relaxing, and it does kick anxiety to the curb if you’re concentrating on things that make you happy. I can definetly see that there’s a lot more to these CBD Hemp Flowers and probably a lot more health benefiting significance as well. If it benefits people with seizures, Alzheimer’s, sufferers of stroke, and other degenerate brain issues more, I’m onboard with it. And I’ve saw reports and documentaries on CBD Strains doing exactly that. Do your research and try for yourself, I’m sure these flowers might be perfect for someone. Just not for me. This company is nice, and so are their flowers. I like to have more personal relationships with vendors, so I wont plug company names in my reviews. You’ll have to search them out pertaining to the names given to the strains and which companies you might want to try out carry and try for yourself. When you do, go ahead and leave a comment below plugging what company you prefer related to the Sour if you’d like to put it out there for people to try and get good benefits from pertaining to their needs. I’ll plug someone who actually has more experience on the matters of CBD Hemp Flower, the gracious and truthful “The Water”. Im a newbie with CBD. He’s a good and truthful reviewer of the flowers, and he prefers his CBD over THC. So go ahead and check him out and subscribe to him, if you’d like to find out what companies are good in that department, if you benefit from more CBD dominant strains, and if you might want to experiment with it or try them out. I’d be interested to hear about it here! So drop a comment below, and I’ll be sure to reply most likely. I think I’ll stick with the THC dominance in my buds over CBD in flower anyday though. The win still goes to THC for me, personally. Let me know who wins for you in the comments below and why, and plug me with your best if you think it can knock me out. LOL. Good luck. I’ll outsmoke most heads for the victory. Then pass out happy soon thereafter. I’ve smoked the best of the best in my area. But other areas are way better, I’m sure. And now we have high CBD Strain Hybrids that I might like in days to come. We will see. And if there is that I come across, I’m sure I’ll want to talk about it here. Cant wait to start reviewing High THC buds soon enough here. Thanks for checking out my reviews on the matters of CBD vs THC. I hope you subscribe to my channel, comment below and start open discussions around these matters related. Help your fellow budsmoker, show some love and share the green and life experiences. Much love and peace to you all… ~Zentrifigal Qoncensus.


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