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What is CBD, and what are the benefits? CBD oil from CBD Unlimited has been changing the medicinal industry, coming forward as a powerful treatment option for inflammation, and a wide range of symptomatic ailments. Our staff at CBD Unlimited is more than willing to answer all questions you or your loved ones may have, and we encourage you to reach out today.
CBD is a derivative of hemp just as THC is, however CBD does not possess the same psychoactive components as THC. In fact, studies have shown CBD to have no real side effects to speak of- if side effects of slight nausea and dry mouth have been seen to occur, these effects have been traced back to impurities found within the hemp by which the CBD was originally derived.
To this end CBD Unlimited uses nothing but pure hemp extracted CBD in the production of our CBD isolate, which is tested thoroughly by third party laboratories for both potency and purity. We strive to maintain the highest quality across the board, for all of our cannabidiol products.
Research has shown CBD to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, with an efficiency several hundred times more potent than traditional aspirin. Inflammation can take many forms throughout the body ranging from sore throats, arthritis, joint pain and beyond. CBD in effective in minimizing all inflammation symptoms, while helping to prevent their recurrence.
CBD Unlimited is proud to provide the highest quality CBD hemp oil and CBD isolate based products online, with the largest selection of cannabidiol products for sale online. Browse through our CBD concentrate products, and reach out to our staff today with all of your questions concerning cannabidiol.


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CBD News
CBD Unlimited’s hemp CBD oil for anxiety can be a natural treatment alternative for many severe anxiety, and anxiety like symptoms. Cannabidiol research has cited evidence showing minimized impact of a variety of conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and even bipolar disorders- we believe that CBD has the ability to uproot the traditional medicinal industry with a powerful treatment alternative.
Taken from hemp, many consumers assume that CBD has psychoactive properties- this is not the case. While cannabidiol isolate and cannabidiol oil is extracted from hemp just as THC is, unlike the latter there are no psychoactive properties, nor will CBD create a high. In fact, the primary reason CBD has gain traction as a treatment option recently is due to the little to no side effects to begin with.
All of our cannabidiol products are extracted from pure hemp, tested thoroughly by third party laboratories to ensure that our 100% purity rating and potency remains at the high standard we’ve set. We work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of our products never waver- CBD Unlimited is proud to provide the best CBD oil and CBD concentrate products available.
Acting as an agent of homeostasis, CBD’s been shown to create a natural equilibrium within the body- the results of this can clearly be seen in the in the regulation of dopamine the brain receives. Studies show CBD to minimize irregularities and shut down neurotransmitters that anxiety is commonly associated with, without creating adverse side effects.
CBD has the potential to replace many traditional prescription opiates provided throughout the US; recent publications have shown now more US citizens die to opiate abuse than car accidents. Cannabidiol can very well be a natural treatment alternative for those addicted to opiates, or simply searching for a better treatment option.
Reach out to CBD Unlimited today for the best CBD oil and CBD concentrate products available for purchase- with a massive catalogue of quality cannabidiol, we’re leading the charge in natural severe anxiety treatment options on the market.



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