Crime News Daily: Apr 5, 2021

Crime News Daily: Apr 5, 2021

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[00:10] Man Stabs & Runs Over His Brother
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Case 1
Man Stabs & Runs Over His Brother

Elias Natano is a 27 year old man who has been arrested and taken into custody for allegedly stabbing and running over his brother before carjacking a police vehicle and leading officers on a high speed chase spanning over three hours across Melbourne’s North.
The terrifying ordeal started in Melbourne Australia on Saturday night at around 10pm on the 3rd of April, when the Mickleham man went to a home in Bells Avenue in Kalkallo and slashed the tyres of a car belonging to his 26 year old brother.
His brother came out with his partner to confront the man. He was then stabbed four times in the abdomen and chest and fell down on the road outside his home.
The attacker then chased the victim’s partner with a knife, who fled back inside her home to safety where the victim’s young daughter was.
She shut the front door, to stop the madman from getting into the house
After failing to gaining entry to the property, the man then got back in his car and drove off but completed a u turn 200 metres down the road and sped at top speed towards his brother who was lying in the middle of the road, hitting him. Natano then sped from the scene and headed back to his home
The authorities were contacted, and when the man was about to pull up into his property at 12:45am, he spotted two highway patrol officers waiting for him, so he fled .
The police saw his car and quickly followed in pursuit, chasing him along Mickleham Road at a high speed, before the man lost control, whilst overtaking a caravan, where hit wire barriers along the side of the road and came to a halt.
The police officers pulled up behind the smashed up vehicle, got out of the car and drew their guns as they approached the fugitive. They quickly “backed off” after realising the man was still armed with a knife The man then car jacked the empty police car and sped off with the lights flashing.
He then continued in a southerly direction along Mickleham Road towards the city. During this time a passing motorist stopped, who had seen what was going on and offered assistance to the officers and they continued to follow the police car at a safe speed while calling on their portable radios, where they are going and what the police vehicles doing.”
Multiple police cars were sent to intercept the car, and a police helicopter followed it overhead as it hurtled at speeds of up to 200km/h towards the Hume Highway and Sydney Road in Campbellfield.
As the car sped down Sydney Road, when he slammed into three cars that had stopped at the Barry Road traffic lights. Causing extensive damaged to the vehicles, but no one was seriously injured in the collision.

The driver then got out of the smashed police car “waving a blood covered knife at members of the public” , taunting them as he ran on foot towards nearby Stewart Grove.

Police in cars, on foot and the canine unit chased the man into the street and the man was eventually knocked to the ground by a police car.

Whilst taking the offender into custody, two officers were bitten by one of their own police dogs, sustaining injuries, ending a drama packed night at around 1:15am.
His brother was admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition from catastrophic injuries, which included severe head trauma and stab wounds. On Sunday was underwent surgery for life-threatening injuries. As of Monday his condition has been upgraded to a stable condition.

One of the police officer’s that was bitten by the police dog underwent surgery. One of the drivers of the stationary cars hit at the traffic lights was taken to hospital for a check-up.
Police have said it was a miracle that nobody died during the series of incidents including a t speeding at up to 200km/h in a stolen police car through residential streets.
During a Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing on Monday the 5th April, Natano appeared via video link and was charged with 42 offences which include attempted murder, assault, aggravated carjacking, theft of a motor vehicle and threatening to assault a police officer.
He has also been charged in relation to a separate incident in Mickleham on the 3rd April that left a woman in hospital with serious injuries.
The court heard that Natano was withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and had never been in custody before.

Case 2
Man Choked To Death

A 20 year old man has been charged with murder after an alleged brawl that left another man dead at an apartment complex in Sydney’s CBD.



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