Winnipeggers: Episode 38 – Songs you ALMOST Know The Words To!

More Fam Mail! #RyBowl #TinMan
Special guest, hot chick in a bikini… in a closet with bad lighting?! But at least she’s not a 70-year-old man!
A GREAT reason for a Dave rant, and a GREAT opportunity to play his theme song! There might be something about BBQs and steaks, the trifecta throat punch, CBD, insomnia, and maybe a broken hand? (got distracted by the theme song and missed the actual rant)
And Rybo jumps into the fray with a few G-rated words about legos!
Still figuring out the broken hand thing, but take a swig anyway, and go…
Songs You ALMOST Know The Words To!
“Until I find him, I’m never gonna stop searching! I’m gonna find my man. I’m gonna drive him around!”
“Bring me a hired love!”
“Get back copy cat!”
“Always sleeping, refreshing our eyes! I want to go where we can twist & shout! Kick it!”
“Wrapped up like a douche!”
“Money for nothing and the chips for free!”
“Take my hand and we’ll make it elsewhere”

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