The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise | Ryan Glatt

In this episode of The Live Life Longer Show, I interview Ryan Glatt, a personal trainer and brain-health coach, about the brain-changing benefits of exercise. We discuss how exercise can boost your mood and your memory.

Ryan currently practices brain-based strategies for cognitive enhancement at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Los Angeles. He has pursued education from the Amin Clinics, the Neuroscience Academy, Academy for Brain Health & Performance, and the Master’s of Applied Neuroscience program at King’s College of London.

Ryan has worked with a wide variety of populations with various neurological considerations, including those with MCI, dementia, TBI, and Parkinson’s. Ryan focuses his practice and research towards slowing cognitive decline for those with cognitive complaint and those who want to prevent neurodegenerative conditions. He actively consults for technology companies that seek to enhance physical activity with cognitive training through Virtual Reality, mobile-technology, and various hardware/software applications.

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