Pottery: Ergonomics – How To Throw Standing Up Demo

Please subscribe! This pottery video is about how to throw while standing up at a raised or elevated pottery wheel to relieve back pain associated with throwing while sitting hunched over the wheel. I show how I position my body, arms, and hands while I throw a cup while standing up at my wheel. If you don’t have discomfort with your current set up, then you may not need to make changes. But if you are having pain, I’ve tried to put together some info that might help you make adjustments to help your body. I have somewhat hypermobile joints, so when you stand at your wheel your body may not move like mine. My stance might look a little strange sometimes. That’s just how my body moves.

Check out my video “Pottery: Ergonomics – Throwing Standing Up at Raised Pottery Wheel ” to see how to raise your wheel and how to determine what height to raise it to for the best ergonomic set up. https://youtu.be/eGlRpclmmVM

I haven’t built a hand shifter conversion for a foot pedal on a cord because I don’t have that kind of wheel, but here’s my general idea of what I would do to build a hand shifter conversion. https://www.facebook.com/EvolutionStoneware/photos/a.411332243537.185170.319159048537/10155331267553538/?type=3&theater

I’m not a doctor or medical professional. I am not liable for any issues you have from following the information I have presented. This information is true to the best of my knowledge. If you have serious pain, please consult a doctor.

A bit about my work: the seed pods represent the promise of new life, growth, and hidden potential; the totems represent seeking balance in one’s life; the portals represent the wearing down and erosion of hard surfaces which creates spaces for new life to take hold; the birds represent self realization, freedom, and peaceful cooperation.

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I hope you enjoy & that this helps you! Thanks for watching!

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