NxGen Pharms Hemp Farm Soil Preparation via Tilling for CBD and CBG Organic field planting. 05-2020

Considerable compaction had to be addressed prior to the planting of the CBD and CBG plants. Multiple passes with a rototiller were required in order to aerate the soil and reduce the compaction. Recommendations for the following season: chisel plow to the 1-foot depth minimum post-2020 harvest, allow for the freeze-thaw to naturally break-up the soil, and concentrate on the rebuilding of the soil biology via:
– the implication of no-till techniques
– introduction of more organic matter
– introduction of Nitrogen fixating bacteria
– amendment of the soil with silica dioxide/peat moss
– addition of well-composted wood chips mixed with animal manure
– introduction of the Illinois native mycorrhizal colonies which will facilitate the absorption and further penetration of the surface water, chelate the micro and macro minerals and establish a solid network of colonies by 2021.

Ed – Tractor and tiller operator
Eric – Drone operator
Date: 05-27-2020
Location: Monee, Illinois


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