What You Need to Do to Make Your Gym an Essential Business and Avoid Closure

Should gyms be considered essential businesses? One of the more controversial aspects of the various shutdowns, lockdowns, and business closures was that of the extended closures of gyms and fitness clubs worldwide.

In this week’s Escape Your Limits podcast episode, we speak with one of America’s leading health educators and exercise physiologists, Eric Durak.

He believes that gyms are, in fact, essential businesses and he’s here to reveal what gym owners need to do to make sure they remain essential, avoid closure, and take advantage of revenue opportunities by providing holistic solutions to their members.

Eric Durak is one of the nation’s leading clinical Exercise Physiologists and Health Educators and is the founder and president of Medical Health & Fitness.

He has a 35-year career in fitness, medicine, and health promotion and is now entering into medical fitness, population health, and precision wellness. Most recently, Eric developed the Healthy Stats Outcome software.

Eric has also logged thousands of hours in clinical care, wellness, and research and works as a Wellness Specialist at the University of California to promote wellness and manage workers compensation claims.

He is the 1999 IHRSA Institute Aware Winner for the Cancer Well-fit Program.
MedHealthFit is a visionary wellness company that looks at the profession of health promotion through interaction of research, data collection and outcomes.

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