How to play Guitar in Drop D Tuning – Drop D Chords, Drop D Riffs Metal Guitar Tutorial

Today we’re going in deep with Drop D tuning. After showing some famous Drop D riffs, I’ll show you how to tune to drop D, and how you can use it. Get your free tab here:

We’ll firstly consider how it affects common open chords. Then we’ll explore the immediate benefit of drop D – a power chord under one finger!

From that one finger chord grip we can tweak notes on string 4 to give us sus2 voicings, as well as both major and minor triad voicings.

Then we’ll look to a couple of minor pentatonic patterns. Firstly we’ll map it out on string 6 to form some root notes for some power chord riffing, before finally going through a minor pentatonic pattern across strings 6-4 used in iconic riffing like ‘Killing In The Name’ or ‘Moby Dick’

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