What to Do If Your Dog Accidentally Gets High – Cannabis and Canines Don't Mix.

With Cannabis legal in more places, you should know how to tell and what to do if your dog eats weed and gets high. Cannabis may contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high levels of THC can be potentially toxic or even fatal to pets. CALL YOUR VET or the ASPCA Hotline at (888) 426-4435. Note what, when and how much you think they ate.
(You may have to pay a $65 consultation fee but it was well worth it for me with the Kilo onion and chocolate scares)
Cannabis (AKA marijuana, weed, pot and more) is now legal in Canada for both Medical and Recreational usage and on the rise in the US and other countries. This means more cannabis may be found in more places in more forms so more dogs may be exposed and poisoned.A growing upsurge in cannabis-related dog poisonings across Canada has veterinarians calling for increased awareness of the dangers of pets ingesting pot and warning labels.
More Canadian pets, specifically dogs, are coming in contact with CBD and cannabis than last year, according to recent statistics retrieved by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association from the Pet Poison Helpline, which services Canada and the U.S.
Treatment by your vet may include expulsion (vomiting if within 30 mins), IV fluids, and rest/monitoring. See video for symptoms and questions your vet may ask.


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