CBD Edible Salve-My Experience Day 3

Tea Time anyone?

Heeeeey night 3 whats good??!

So I thought it would be a neat idea to show to whoever is interested, in how I make my night time CBD infused tea. Super easy just like making any tea! Key thing, TAKE THE BAG OUT BEFORE YOU ADD THE CBD OIL (: I got to learn that the hard way. I also go on a little rant a tad so sorry that the video is pretty long!

Hope you enjoy!

HEADS UP: I swear a tad in this video 😀

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional. I am learning and recording my experiences and results as I go! I hope to help not only myself get better but share my story to help others (:

Thanks for watching!!!

Green Mountain CBD site- https://www.greenmountaincbd.com
Edible Salve- https://www.greenmountaincbd.com/30ml


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