Hemp Oil (CBD/CBG) Effects for Traumatic Brain Injury with ex-NFL Player Jonas Crafts

At Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we looked at the NeuralScan analysis with eLORETA, qEEG, and ERP (visual and auditory) for Jonas Crafts, an ex-NFL Player with history of traumatic brain injury and several concussions. A before and after was done after Jonas took CBD/CBG oil and marked improvement was seen. He had a total of 4 scans, separated by 24 hours with remarkable results.

The NeuralScan system is a cutting-edge, hardware and software system that allows for an objective and neuro functional measurement of cognition using the electroencephalogram activity of the brain (EEG), electrocardiogram activity of the heart (ECG), visual and auditory processing speeds (evoked potentials), and subjective neuropsychological survey.

The NeuralScan system is a device designed to help physicians effectively measure and manage memory loss, cognitive impairment, and other stress-related neurological conditions. A neuro-functional physiology report of the results is provided, as well as a memory report including a second opinion, data summary, raw data, and images.

The NeuralScan system is portable, easy-to-use, non-invasive, and pain-free. A physician is not required to operate the device and it is covered by most insurance plans with attractive reimbursements.

The NeuralScan system enables physicians to obtain a collection of the patient’s neuro-physiological biomarkers, which profile the patient’s neurological function. This allows the physician to gain additional clinical information vital to making a well-informed patient-care decision.

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