WHOLE 1000mg 50/50 CBG and CBD Formula

WHOLE 1000mg 50/50 CBG and CBD For Pain Formula

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Our WHOLE 1000mg 50/50 CBG and CBD For Pain Formula offers the best of both worlds. Our 50/50 Pain Formula gives you all of the benefits you would expect from CBD, but also offers the additional benefits of CBG. Studies are showing that CBG may be even more effective for pain than CBD. You will get the daily benefits of CBD and the additional benefits of CBG such as relief for gastro issues, vision issues such as retinopathy and glaucoma, and of course PAIN relief. CBG also increases the body’s endogenous anandamide, which is involved in pain, depression, appetite, and memory.

500mg CBD /Bottle
500mg CBG/Bottle
1000mg Total Cannabinoids / Bottle
16.6mg of CBD Per Dropper
16.6mg of CBG Per Dropper
All Natural Pain Relief
Lab Tested for Potency
Specially Developed for Pain Relief
Downloadable Dose Card With Purchase
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