Panel Discussion on Public Policy, Governance and Accountability

Panel Discussion on Public Policy, Governance and Accountability at Azim Premji University
November 9, 2012
Panelists: Yamini Aiyer, Sudhirendar Sharma and Sona Mitra

About the Panelists

Yamini Aiyer
Yamini Aiyer heads Accountability Initiative at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. Accountability Initiative is a research initiative that works to promote accountability for service delivery by developing innovative models for tracking government programs, disseminating this information to policymakers as well as citizens and undertaking research on how to strengthen accountability for improved service delivery in India. She has worked extensively on tracking school grants under SSA through an annual report titled PAISA. She will speak on ‘Tracking Service Delivery of Programs on Elementary Education in India’.

Sudhirendar Sharma
Sudhirendar Sharma brings together a distinct but complimentary combination of academics and advocacy that has been further enriched by his experience in journalism for being effective communicator. He has specialized in development communication and policy analysis. He has been on several assignments with the World Bank, DFID and GTZ. He will speak on ‘The Space of Public Reasoning in Public Policy making in India’

Sona Mitra
Sona Mitra works with Centre for Budget, Governance and Accountability, New Delhi. CBGA is a national forum known for its work on budget tracking, training state level budget watch groups and advocacy on what civil society group expects for the budget before that gets announced. Close to the day of budget being tabled in parliament, CBGA does a briefing wherein the budget is de-mystified, analysed and critiqued.
She will speak on ‘Tracking Social Sector Expenditure in Budgets on and Building Advocacy Campaigns in India’


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