Jacqueline McGrane: CBD vs THC

What’s the difference between CBD and TBC? Jacqueline explains.

Jacqueline McGrane is a 28-year old (Trans)woman who grew up in Colorado. She is a professional hash maker and a biologist who trained at MIT and CU Boulder. She has worked in the medical marijuana industry since 2012, and has garnered several awards for her concentrate products, including the 2013 THC Championship for Best Tested Hash (a gorgeous Venus OG that tested above 98% THC).

Over the years, Jacqueline has become extremely passionate about CBD, and in fact she had one of the few CBD entries to the 2014 Cannabis Cup. She has also developed testing protocols for one of the most respected testing laboratories in Colorado state, RM3 Labs, where she also developed a method to make powdered pure THCa. Currently, Jacqueline runs her own consulting firm, Cannabinoid Consulting.

More: https://maryjanesfilm.com/jacqueline-mcgrane/


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