Cannabis and Disabilities – THC & CBD vs pharmaceuticals

Cannabis use for people with disabilities – THC, CBD and Hemp oil vs pharmaceuticals


CBD oil vs hemp oil

Rollin Stoned –

How long have you been using cannabis?

Do you use both THC and CBD? 

Do you prefer smoking or eating edibles? 

What benefits do you get from smoking?

What’s your favorite way to smoke? 

Best ways for a quad to independently smoke?

Do you also use any pharmaceuticals alongside cannabis or have you been able to avoid pharmaceuticals with the use of cannabis? 

Why do you prefer using cannabis over pharmaceuticals?

How does your body react to smoking cannabis and when you are unable to consume cannabis? 

Are there times you have to avoid use for any reason or side effect? 

What is some advice you can give anyone with a disability that’s thinking about trying cannabis to help their pain, muscle spasms or anything else?

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