Weight Loss and Medical Marijuana on Straight Talk with Doc Morris

Health research shows that people are more successful at long-term weight loss when they have professional support. At Morris Medical Center in Fort Myers, Florida, Dr. Dareld Morris and his team use their in-depth expertise and extensive experience to offer a safe, efficient, and effective medical weight loss program that’s already helped countless patients lose weight and keep it off.

Losing just 5-10% of your body weight can significantly lower your chances of being affected by the serious health conditions associated with excess fat. Unlike fad diets and short-lived exercise routines, the medical weight loss program at Morris Medical Center is a comprehensive approach designed to give you the resources, tools, and support you need to achieve long-term results. The program is based on medically-proven strategies that combine medical treatment, proper nutrition, physical activity, and psychological support. Dr. Morris and his team are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all their patients. Your success is their success!

You probably already know the basics about marijuana: It’s a green, brown, or gray mix of dried leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems from the hemp plant, also known as Cannabis stavis. It’s typically rolled up and smoked like a cigarette, but it can also be put in a pipe. People may also consume it in food, inhale it through a vaporizer, or spray it under the tongue. Although doctors believe that cannabinoids, the active ingredients in medical marijuana, are responsible for its benefits, researchers still don’t know exactly how medical marijuana works. There’s no question that it does work, however, for the patients who rely on it. Medical marijuana is commonly used for:

Pain relief
Appetite stimulation
Nausea and vomiting

What are the most important cannabinoids?
Researchers have found that there are 5 major cannabinoids that help medical marijuana patients find symptom relief. Each has different effects, and those effects help reinforce the effects of the others. The 5 most important cannabinoids are:

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
CBD (cannabidiol)
CBN (cannabinol)
CBC (cannabichromene)
CBG (cannabigerol)

Knowing the effects of each can help you understand which medical marijuana strains are best for treating your symptoms. If you’re most interested in physical pain relief, for example, you may be best off using medical marijuana that’s high in CBD and low in THC, because CBD reduces the psychological effects of THC. Dr. Morris and his team can help you discover exactly what’s right for you.

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