Rapid Response: Rapid Response Teams in Today’s Healthcare Environment – MED-ED

Presented by Michael Nanney BSN, RN, RRT, CPAN, CCRN
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Module 1 of 6

Module Description
In this module, an introduction to rapid response teams (RRTs) will be discussed, along with current statistics and the benefits of developing and having an RRT. In addition, the learner will look at the three main issues that result in delay of treatment of the rapidly deteriorating patient. Finally, the speaker will present who makes up an RRT and the team’s primary goals.

Module Learning Outcomes
These modules prepare the learner to:
1. Describe the current research of an RRT.
2. List indications to implement/activate an RRT.
3. Perform a rapid assessment.
4. Identify early warning signs of clinical deterioration.

Rapid Response: Avoiding Failure to Rescue includes 6.5 ANCC approved Contact Hours and is available for purchase on MED-ED’s website. To view more about this course, please visit https://education.mededseminars.net/item/rapid-response-avoiding-failure-rescue-56136?refid=YOUTUBE


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