Stoner etiquette, 5 do’s and dont’s

There are a lot of polite manners that we adhere to. But how do you properly smoke a doobie? Nobody teaches you that! Fortunately you have us. Because well-mannered inhalation can be learned! 

Check these basic rules if you don’t want to behave like a complete jerk in the smoking circle. 

Rule 1: You will not arrive empty-handed

Are you going to blaze thick horns with your friends one evening? Then don’t arrive empty-handed. If you don’t have the money to arrange some herbs, take a bag of chips with you. Or other ‘munchie’ food. Always good. Just don’t show up empty-handed. 

Rule 2: Be honest

Can’t you roll? Just be honest. Nobody gets happy from a crappy joint. Go practice. It’s not that difficult. And you want to be a strong independent stoner, don’t you? You”ll find plenty ‘how to roll a joint’ videos online. So go check them out! 

Stoner etiquette – Rule 3: You will share 

People smoking a joint

Whoever rolls, lights it up. And you pass through in one direction. Preferably clockwise. People who don’t understand this are just as cunt as a piece of spinach that’s stuck between your teeth 😉

Rule 4: You shall not be too eager

Those who have seen the film Friday know: puff, puff, pass! Is it a joint or a blunt? Then you get two hits. A bowl or bong is one hit. Then pass again! Don’t take so much that the last one in the group only gets a little of nothing. You wouldn’t want that yourself, would you? So keep it a bit polite and cozy! 

Rule 5: Wait for your turn

It has happened to all of us. You are at a party and you have forgotten your stuff. No biggie, you can hustle once. But whatever you do, don’t ask for it before the joint is rolled. If the joint goes round, it’s OK to ask for a hit. Just make sure you aren’t always that guy. 

Are you missing anything in this list? Sure you do. So let us know in the comment box below. Keep blazing! 

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