Certificates of Analysis (COA's) – Understanding Them And How They Are Used In The Cannabis Industry

Certificates of analysis (COA’s) are used in the cannabis industry to report on the results of tests that measure the compounds in cannabis products. The most common test is for cannibinoid content, which is used to determine the total content of CBD, THC, and minor cannibinoids (CBN, CBG, CBDV, CBL, CBC, etc). Other tests, such as pesticide and heavy metal tests, help keep consumers safe by only using products that pass these tests.

The end of the video shows six different cannibinoids chemical structures and the difference in chemical structure between a cannibinoid that has been through decarboxylation and one that has not.

The COA used in this video comes from SC Laboratories in Santa Cruz, California: https://www.sclabs.com/

The product tested was non-decarbed crude CBD oil. The purchase and sale transaction was brokered by CBD WholeSale Network. https://www.cbdwholesalenetworks.com/home-page

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