Breakwater Blue & Cream Review

Hey whats up guys hope you’re having an amazing day and hope you enjoy the video! Heres a description of the strain I posted on reddit, checkout my reddit if you want Its_vinyl

Blue cream is an indica strain Grown by breakwater atc nj and bred by swamp boy seeds

Blue and cream is a cross of
And tk tk (triangle kush double cross) x m10 (Afghani 1)

The strain was possibly named after the skit on only built for Cuban links when ghost face says “but itl be like blue n cream” according to a question asked on breakwaters Instagram stories where breakwater answered we think so

Dominant Terpenes

Thc 20.25%
Cbg 0.531
Cbga 0.081
Cbda 0.030

Upon opening the jar I was immediately smacked with the pungent aroma GMO is known for. The Gmo smell really overpowers any other smell but theres a slight hint of sweetness on the end of the muskyness. Basically think dank mothballs with a slight hint of herbal sweetness.

The flavor surprised me, I discovered while making my review video that at 352F° (5 on the volcano classic) I got a lot sweeter of a flavor than I expected based on the smell. Then at 374F° (6 on the volcano) it tasted a lot more musky. Like way more like gmo then at lower temps.

The effects were real relaxing and mildly sedating definitely a stronger indica in my opinion than Kush IV. One of my top 3 favorite strains now next to Gelato 33 x Headbanger and Kush IV

Hope you guys enjoy and have /had a happy saint patricks day.


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