Why is Zoho MarketingHub the go-to software for your marketing needs?

Zoho MarketingHub is the all-in-one marketing automation software that gives any marketer the complete picture of their marketing activities. Right from analyzing your web visitors’ behavior, to converting them further into leads, followed by customers and loyal customers, Zoho MarketingHub provides the right set of tools that aids a marketer in taking care of all the pre- and post-sales marketing activities.

Here’s Skye Khilji, Marketing Director, The CEO’s Business Growth Program (CBG), talking about how Zoho MarketingHub was very refreshing and robust for his marketing needs. He goes on to explain about a few vital features like touchpoints, journey builder, smart send, and web behavior analytics, that enables him to completely visualize his lead-to-customer journey. To combine all of your marketing efforts easily, give Zoho Marketing Hub a try. Access our beta version here – www.zoho.com/marketinghub



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