Harnessing Sustainable Energy: Yojana May 2019 (Examrace)

Harnessing Sustainable Energy: Yojana May 2019 is explained in this lecture by Dr. Manishika Jain

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Key Topics Included in this Article @0:10
Meeting Future Energy Needs @0:26
Energy Efficiency is Key for Sustainable Development @0:54
Tapping Sustainable Energy Alternatives @3:42
Financing Renewables in India @5:18
Steps to Achieve India’s Potential @6:50
Geo-Thermal &Ocean Energy Technology @7:34
Biogas-A Story Untold @10:08
Driving Green Transition for Environment @10:56
India’s Conundrum: Aligning Emission Mitigation w/Development @11:40
Climate Change: Challenges & Opportunities @12:57
Forests & Water Conservation & Sustainable Development @14:17
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Wind energy sustainable development
Need for harnessing alternative energy sources
Clean energy and sustainable development
Defining sustainability for renewable resources


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