Does CBD oil help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you are thinking about quitting vaping or quitting smoking this video is a must watch! Can CBD oil really lessen the dreaded nicotine withdrawals?

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Nicotine withdrawals typically only last 24-72 hours. Physical withdrawals from a nicotine addiction in and of themselves are not dangerous, but they can certainly be annoying. The uncomfortable feeling of nicotine withdrawal often results in relapse.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, mood changes, increased blood pressure, headache, body pain and fatigue. Nicotine withdrawal is caused by both mental and physical cravings for the drug, nicotine.

What does the research say about nicotine withdrawal and CBD oil to help ease the pain? In this brief video Dr. Frank breaks down the basics on the literature surrounding CBD oil for nicotine withdrawal.

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