Carbon offset project: The impact of domestic biogas plants in rural Indian households – myclimate

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This video shows how indian families benefit from a biodigester.

Tanja Schmid, myclimate project manager, Stefan Baumeister, CEO of the climate protection organization myclimate Germany, and Vidya Sagar, CEO of the myclimate partner organization SKG Sangha, explain the project and the positive impacts on the climate and the benefits for the local people.

How does carbon reduction work in this project?
Biogas replaces firewood thereby protecting the climate. The biogas digester converts the animal dung into biogas which the family uses for cooking. The slurry left over from the biogas process is an excellent organic fertiliser that the family uses to improve their fields. Before they used chemical fertilizer. The families – specially women and girls – have more time as they do not have to collect firewood anymore. Deforestation is being reduced, as people no longer use firewood for cooking. This project supports the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs of the United Nations.

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