Anxiety from Weed? TRY THIS! (CBD Hemp Flower Vs THC Flower)

Do you get crazy anxiety every time you use THC? Well in this video we’re going to be discussing how supplementing or replacing your THC bud with hemp flower can help combat overstimulation from excessive THC!


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So now that cannabis is becoming more and more widely accepted in the US and globally, a lot more people are beginning to experiment to see what the fuss is all about. Now let’s say you are new to the world of cannabis or maybe you used to use it back in your younger years, but you’ve recently tried the legal stuff and it makes you feel like you’re going to explode with anxiety.

Well there is a solution for those of you out there just can’t seem to enjoy the feeling of cannabis.

(Combat Overstimulation with Hempflower)

Coming from someone who used recreational cannabis growing up, AKA THC flower, then having to take a break from using that product due to the anxiety, paranoia and brain fog that you experience from consistently using that THC, I found when I stopped using, I felt like I was missing out on the smoking experience, because I didn’t enjoy it.

The reason why, is because every time I would go back to using cannabis, I would continue to experience this intense paranoia. Almost like a constant thump in my chest or pit in my stomach that I just couldn’t stop focusing on.

I would actually find myself in social situations, where all my friends were smoking around me having fun socializing, while I was over in the corner having mini panic attacks wondering what’s wrong with myself.

I would be chugging water, I would pace back and forth, I would do anything just to escape the invisible pain of my mind constantly looping and looping on random thoughts while I use all this mental capital to focus on remaining sane human being! And it really sucked, because what I thought was that I was going to have this great fun night, I would be happy, relaxed, I was actually opposite of that from taking THC.

At that point, I would think to myself, what’s the point of using this cannabis if I’m just going to freak out the whole time.

Now some people will say the cure is to just build a tolerance. Simply use more cannabis every day and you’ll overcome the intensity. Well, that never really worked for me, because I could not afford to be under the influence, daily. I had to go to work, I had to be out and about. I just wanted to chill out and relax from time to time, rather than turning into a daily lifestyle.

So, you’ll actually find in today’s society, a lot of people are conflicted, because they have this connection to smoking, but they’re not actually enjoying it.

THC vs Hemp Flower

Now lets compare conventional flower to hemp and CBD Flower,

On one hand, THC gives you this intense dopamine rush, it’s over stimulation, it’s all in your head. It’s hard to stay focused, and for most people, it’s not even legal in their state, so they’re using this product illegally, it’s a risk here.

On the other hand, hemp flower is high in relaxing Cannabinoids like CBD, while the THC content is extremely low to fractions percent. So you are getting a little pick-me up, right? It’s a little bit to pipe you up, but it’s not knocking off your feet.

How does it feel, benefits

Now the first time you try hemp flower, not that sketchy gas station ditch weed, but a high quality hemp flower

What you’ll find

Is Rather than an intense delirious head rush, you’ll a calm warming effect on the body, almost like a warm glow. Me personally, I would tend to get this funny feeling where I feel like someone is constantly massaging my temples.

The experience of hemp flower is truly beautiful because you’re getting that same warm fuzzy feeling that you’re shooting for, but without the dopamine overload.

It’s a wonderful form of stress relief.

My favorite part about hemp flower, is being able to maintain my clear headed-ness. After using hemp flower, I was able to focus, go to work, and socialize with friends and family Without the mental incapacitation effects of THC. You can still do all the things you normally do in your day to day life.

For example, let’s say I’m at work and I want a little bit of stress relief because I’m having a crazy day. Rather than use THC, which would totally hamper my productivity by throwing me into a hyperstimulated state, using a high-CBD flower would give me a nice relaxing buzz, allowing me to be present to the moment so I can focus on my task at hand.

And this feeling of being present to the moment from using CBD is AMAZING if you’re in a social setting, because being in a relaxed state is going to allow you to truly enjoy whatever it is that you’re experiencing.

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