The Ardent FX Video Review and Coupon Code (plus a CBG Olive Oil Recipe)

In this video, I’ll give you a first look at the new and long awaited Ardent FX. An all in one portable cannabis kitchen, the FX is revolutionizing the cannabis world.

After spending thousands of hours (ballpark estimate) in my kitchen experimenting with cannabis, I can say for sure that this device is a game changer.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the best homemade edibles, infusions and tinctures while saving money, time and keeping the kitchen clean, check this thing out.

No more wasted plant material.

No more messy and time consuming methods.

No more messing it up and having to toss out the whole batch (Oof. That one’s expensive).

In this unboxing of Ardent’s new Nova FX, I’ll show you how it works, what it’s like compared to the Nova Decarboxylator and I’ll walk you through making CBG Infused Olive Oil in the device.

You’ll also get a coupon code for the Ardent FX for $30 off.

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