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CBD, also known as or cannabidiol oil or hemp oil, is the non psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, but can also be derived from hemp. It is non psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a mental high, and therefore is being more widely recognized as the medicinal part of the cannabis plant. It has long been known that cannabis has therapeutic effects in the treatment of many disorders, physical and mental. Because the human body has many cannabinoid receptors inside it, including in the immune system, more studies than ever are showing the positive effects of cannabinoid oil on the immune system and the human body.

At Clean Leaf Pharmaceuticals, our hemp oil not only meets legal criteria for production, but exceeds the average standards. All of the hemp that our oil comes from is grown in the USA, and is organic. Many other companies choose to use hemp imported from foreign countries, which commonly may be unregulated in measurements of THC content as well as pesticides used in the growing process. We work directly with our chemists in Colorado to ensure that our products taste great, work well, and meet every expectation that our patients and customers need and demand.


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