CBD Dog and Cat Treats

Today Chris and Chelsie will show you how to make an easy CBD Infused Animal Treat recipe!
Just like humans, animals can hugely benefit from ingesting CBD.
Some animals don’t enjoy the taste of CBD, so baking it on their treats can be a great way to make sure they take it. I will always and forever keep our animals on CBD, because if the huge changes and benefits I have seen in them.
CBD has personally helped our animals more than I can explain.
Bailey, our 12 year old dog, has always had issues with her hip. When she was 10 weeks old she had hip surgery. Throughout her life she has walked on 3 legs, due to a lot pain on her hip and back leg. Since we have had her on CBD, the difference is so unreal.
After being on CBD she walks on all 4 legs, doesn’t act like she hurts, she has SO MUCH energy. Bailey literally plays like she is a puppy again.
Henry is a healthy boy, but was very overweight when we got him. Although he is still a little to big, he has lost a little weight since being on CBD. Henry is happy and healthy, and giving him CBD keeps him that way!


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