How We're Using CBD & Cannabis Oil to Treat Our Dog | Canine Lymphoma Vlog, Part 2

In this video, I discuss the current treatment for canine lymphoma (a form of cancer) we’re using with Ginny, our senior rat terrier mix. The treatment includes prednisone, CBD, and cannabis oils. Be sure to watch Part 1 if you missed it, which focuses on Ginny’s canine lymphoma diagnosis, and the many things we discovered in our first few days of receiving the news.

JBK NOTE: If you’re watching this video because your dog has been diagnosed with lymphoma, I am so sorry! I hope you get all the love, help and support you need to treat your sweet puppy. Please check out some resources I’ve listed below.

Edited by: George Sinfield

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Link to come

Canine Lymphoma Web Site
This site was the hands down the most comprehensive site on canine lymphoma that I found. Amazing information. God bless the Internet!

Dr. Sue Cancer Vet – Lymphoma Q&A Video
This Q&A with Dr. Sue also taught me SO much, that was really useful before going to the oncologist.

Whole Dog Journal – on Canine Lymphoma: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Some of the information I found here helped me come up with questions for our visit with other dog parents going through this on Facebook, as well as the oncologist.


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