10 studies about CBD oil for chronic pain

Chronic pain conditions are notoriously difficult to treat due primarily to a poor understanding of the mechanisms involved in chronic pain sensation. Most patients are treated using opiates which offer broad pain relief. However, opiate-based pain relief is known to have negative side effects, increase tolerance to the drug over time, and potentially be addictive.

Research is still in its infancy and there are limited ongoing clinical trials to determine the effectiveness and long term effects of CBD oil on the body. However, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to recognise the medical potential of CBD oil for pain relief.

Currently, there is only one approved CBD-based medication for pain management available in Europe. Sativex is a combination of equal parts THC and CBD and is applied as a nasal spray. It is prescribed for alleviating chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis.

Further studies are being conducted and here are some of the most promising studies about the use of CBD oil for chronic pain conditions.


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