The Importance of Ordering Cannabis Seeds Well in Advance for the Season

While it is the joy of every cannabis farmer to see flourishing cannabis plants, the most critical part lies in the way the same farmer takes action in necessitating a smooth cultivation process.

Before the planting season, it is always primal to have the seeds with you. But when should you order your marijuana seeds? Last-minute rush doesn’t ever dawn well, at least when ordering the highest-quality cannabis seeds. Some of the reasons could be pretty obvious, but lesser considered.

Land preparation for outdoor growers should be done probably weeks before the season, and have the germination process done immediately after the growing season’s weather patterns stabilize if at all you are to get branded a serious cannabis farmer. The availability of seeds is crucial here. Especially some great outdoor strains like AK 47 XTRM ® Feminized seeds and Haze Autoflower seeds will do extremely well, with the right preparations.

You should, nonetheless, not worry if you haven’t considered preparing your farm as early as you can since you can be sure to rectify next time. Without further ado, let’s get back to the basics and comprehend why it is beneficial to purchase your seeds well before the growing season kicks in.

1.     Payment processing can be a mess sometimes

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While it is our joy to make your seed payments go through hassle-freely, it may not always be the case, especially if your service provider has technical hitches. These may be common mishaps, yes, but they can really wallop you, especially if the growing season kicks in, yet you don’t have the seeds with you.

The matter gets even worse when the processor takes longer than it can be thought to take care of the problem. That said, it is always fantastic to ensure that you order your seeds as early as you can.

In case there is any delay in processing payments from your banker’s side, by the time you follow up, you may find that it may take quite long but go through before the season starts.

There is no cause for alarm when payments get submitted to us, though. We process them within the shortest time possible. Order early, we process your order shortly and make sure that the seeds get to you soon.

2.     There may be delays in shipping

External factors like harsh weather conditions can delay the rate at which your weed seeds get delivered. You undoubtedly are aware there is nothing much that can get done in the event that the weather gets harsh during transportation of anything.

Secondly, the fact that we ship worldwide means the nearer areas will receive their shipment faster than distant countries. What that should ring to your mind is that you should order weeks before the planting season so that any problems that can get faced during shipping can be counteracted.

Thirdly, though rare, there may be some instances where the shipping masses can get involved in an accident. That would absolutely mean that your shipment would take a little bit longer as we try out to release other seeds you may order in case the ones getting delivered to you get distorted or lost. We should, however, let you know that according to our shipping terms, we don’t replace the seeds in case they get lost by the postal office during the shipment.

Eventual delays in shipping and deliveries can only be solved by one thing – ordering the seeds as early as possible. In such a case, the planting schedule won’t get affected since your work would only be to wait for the start of the excellent season and pop your seeds.

3.     Returns

If you are an avid visitor to our website, you probably are aware that we are among the few cannabis seedbanks that exchange ganja seeds in case you are not satisfied with their quality. After following the stipulated returns and refund policy terms, then you can be sure that we are super happy to serve you to satisfaction. 

Now, ordering your seeds can do you justice if, for any reason, you find that they are not up to par with your expectations. By the time the seeds get returned to us, and we release others to you, then it means that there should be ample time in between.

The contrast to this is true, too. If you order late or at the onset of the planting season, it means that by the time you return them and get others, the season will be far much gone to the extent that cultivating them at such a time won’t be much helpful.

4.     Climate changes are inevitable

Well, the weather is always unpredictable. While the Spring Equinox is the ideal season to show you that you can start growing your seeds, the failure to have the seeds with you can lead to disappointment since it would typically mean that you will be late for growing.

If, for instance, the spring season starts earlier than it is anticipated, having earlier-ordered seeds would mean that you don’t have to worry about being late in planting your seeds. If the excellent season kicks in later than you thought, it would mean that there is no cause for alarm since the seeds are also ready.

That is typically the idea behind why you should be ready with the seeds when it is early enough. In case any uncertainty happens, you rest assured that your grass seeds are in place.

The unstable nature of the spring explains why this sub-topic talks about climate changes being inevitable. Last year’s spring season shouldn’t mean that this years will be the same.

That said, it is worth noting that after having your cannabis seeds ready, it is worth it awaiting the spring season to stabilize.  For instance, the excellent season can kick in well, and it can suddenly turn to be really sunny.

If you had already planted your seeds, that typically means they can be affected by that sudden change of weather, and especially when it starts to rain. Together with early seed ordering, it is always a good idea to have surplus marijuana seeds with you, too, to replace some seeds that may get affected by harsh climatic conditions.

Happy early ordering! 


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